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Our Mission

Providing you with science-based research.

Devil’s Garden Research and Education (DGRE) is a branch of the University of California Cooperative Extension in Modoc County. We are headquartered in rural Northern California. Our main office is located in the heart of Alturas. Our research extends throughout the county and beyond. Some of our projects include livestock grazing, water management, wild horse management, and much more. We partner with private landowners, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations to conduct research that serves livestock and agriculture producers, natural resource users, and other people interested in science-based solutions.  


DGRE is part of the greater UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) branch of UC. True to the mission of the land grant universities, UCANR connects the power of UC research in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and youth development with local communities to improve the lives of all Californians.

For over 100 years, we have been committed to:

  • Connecting Californians to their University

  • Leading the way to science-based solutions

  • Providing information that is trustworthy and not biased

  • Sharing research that is practical to use

  • Addressing local concerns as part of the community

  • Inviting the participation of concerned stakeholders

  • Facilitating problem-solving and outreach to address the state's toughest challenges


Devil’s Garden Research and Education provides the public with science-based facts relating to agriculture and natural resources. We strive to educate the public with factual information based on the most current research. DGRE is dedicated to teaching others about agriculture and natural resources. It is our mission to teach others ways to nourish our changing environment by providing factual science-based research.


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Our Partners Include:

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