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Wild Horses

Learn more about our research with wild horses at Devil's Garden.

Livestock Grazing

Dive into our blog to know more about our research in livestock grazing.


We have a variety of topics & research for you to explore and learn more about.


About Us

Devil’s Garden Research and Education is a branch of the University of California Cooperative Extension in Modoc County. We are headquartered in rural Northern California. Our main office is located in the heart of Alturas. Our research extends throughout the county and beyond. Some of our projects include livestock grazing, water management, wild horse management, and much more. We partner with private landowners, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations to conduct research that serves livestock and agriculture producers, natural resource users, and other people interested in science-based solutions. 

DGRE is part of the greater UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) branch of UC. True to the mission of the land grant universities, UCANR connects the power of UC research in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and youth development with local communities to improve the lives of all Californians.


Meet Our Team

Tracy Schohr

Wild Horses

The wild west can't be wild without wild horses. Learn more on how wild horses impact our environment here.

Water Issues

Water is the essential need for all forms of life. Today we are faced with many concerns and question if there is enough water for all of us and all of our needs. Here you will have access to articles and research relating to water. 

Livestock Grazing

Livestock grazing is essential for our environment. by clicking below you will have access to research based articles on the benefits of livestock grazing.


In today's modern world we are constantly trying to find new ways to become more sustainable. By clicking below you will find resources relating to agriculture sustainability and management.

Beef Industry

The beef industry plays a vital role in agriculture. Here you can learn about beef sustainability, pasture management, and more.


GHG emissions is a hot topic that we must face and find solutions to. We have provided you with science-based research on emission contribution in relation to agriculture and what the community is doing to reduce emissions. 

Natural Resources

Our environment depends on us and we must make decisions that will positively impact our environment. By clicking below you will have an abundant of resources to your disposal on natural resource research


We have also provided you with other resources that we think you will benefit from. You can find other articles and science-based research under our resources tab.


Laura Snell

UCCE Modoc County

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Mavrick Farnam

Community Education Specialist


UCCE Plumas, Butte, Tehama Counties

What We Do





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